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Why I Get Ridiculous Results Chiropractic Screening Corporate Millennials

The precise way to screen the modern corporate employee to get them organically interested…

I will get right to the point. While even as recent as 10 years ago, we could get away with screening “methods” and scripts and “selling” Chiropractic and wellness out in the corporate sector, today’s employee is not falling for it. Not that we were insincere in the first place but, using past methods, we sure come off that way.

That is where the True Screening Process comes in. I not only developed it over two decades, screenings thousands of people, I use it to this day, in the trenches, at corporate screenings. And, I have found, it is a timeless method.

Oh yeah: there are no scripts or sales pitches to do it.

This is the advocacy you always wanted to engage in and we are finally in an age where it is called for. But preaching the message doesn’t get it done either. Neither does arguing with someone.

The True Screening Process is a much more organic thing.

Think about it. To organically get someone to reach out to you, you must create a desire in them.

We used to think that desire was to relieve a condition, to rid themselves of it forever, or, at least, not hurt so much.

What I have found is that it is so much less than that and, while taking them that far is inevitable, it way overshoots where you need to get them so they will take an initial action, the one through your door, not because you twisted their arm, but because they are interested in how the story continues.

And the story to interest them in is theirs not yours!

Your typical corporate employee’s traits

Your typical employee has little self-awareness, no matter how their conviction contradicts the fact. They may have awareness of some of their conditions, but the lengths they will go to minimize or deny them present a limited picture.

You see, their symptoms do not even represent a chapter of their story. They are but a paragraph of it.

The key to a successful screening is to expand their self-awareness by expanding their view of it. This is not accomplished with details of the Chiropractic story or even your personal success story. It involves adding a timeline.

To expand their self-awareness, you must expand their timeline. Talking about their history, experience and other factors prior, and plotting out the future are the best way I know how to expand their view. Creating a wide scope via a timeline is very effective.

No, I’m not talking about the “how long have you had it?” or “how frequent” routine. I seldom ask that.

What you need to do is make them aware, not of how long they have had it, but when it all started, what life factors have paralleled it and which ones should be suspect in relation to it.

So, just making one change in target, aiming to expand their scope of their health over time, enlarging the view from now (the last 6 months) to their entire lifetime, you will invariably get more realizations than you’d imagine.

How do you do it? Just knowing this factor, you can probably figure out a few things to do and say, questions you can ask and areas of life you can get them to inspect. The True Screening process does this naturally and organically.

How do you know you’re screening someone correctly and properly?

You will know it when you see it (and hear it)! Done well, they will be talking freely and openly to you about it without prompting and seem interested in it too.

The rule of thumb is if you have them talking, you have them. If you don’t, you don’t.

Plain and simple.

Screenings are fun and easy for me and I am experiencing the best results of my career, now in its third decade.

I know you can too.

Advocacy of what we do, how the body heals itself and how to repair it when it doesn’t, no longer requires a soapbox, an argument, a debate or sales pitch. It no longer requires scripts and trickery, hocus-pocus or gimmicks. It doesn’t even require an offer, a discount, an explanation of treatment, the nervous system, or even a handling of negatives.

All it requires is adherence to The True Screening Process, a secret the medical profession has kept from us for decades, and which has been revealed and improved upon, via my work and research which continues to this day, and will continue so as to evolve the process to reach our ultimate goals, in our clinics, our communities and the world at large.

To learn about the True Screening Process, and assess your situation, schedule a short call with me here (and select the “Short Cosnult Call – 15 min” option) or email me at I will speak with you at length and help you assess how you measure up and make recommendations to you.

I will even tell you your percent deviation from the True Screening Process and let you know just how you score, along with how much improvement potential you have with your existing resources.

Speaking of assessment and potential, be sure to download a copy of my book 3 Phases of Doubling Your Practice which contains a formula not only on how to double your size or more, it even works to maintain a desired volume once achieved, without deviation or contraction. See below for details on the book!

And, don’t forget to CRUSH IT in the process!

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