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How to Create Your Practice Story and Move It Forward

To crush it, first, get your story straight. Then you can move it forward!

Think of the greatest story you ever heard. Perhaps it was a movie, a book or tale. How do you think it became the greatest story ever told? Did the author start with an idea, concoct an ending and just wing it, shooting random scenes, aimlessly writing chapters or adlibbing plot and hoping to wind up at the ending? You KNOW that would be absurd.

As the author of your own story in business or practice, however, you may be winging it with the same reckless abandon. Without a plot, an outline, characters, casting and a storyboard, it is unlikely you will ever get where you want to go. Wouldn’t it be wise, then, to learn how to write a good story before telling it? Therein lay the key to the first step toward success in just about any venture or endeavor.

What adventure will your venture be? What are your plot, theme and storyline?

Every good story needs at least one thing: a storyline. It must be a well-charted story which has a point, a theme and a place to end up. Why do you think they call it a plot? It’s quite literal in meaning. You are plotting out the course and destination to lead your audience on an adventure to a big payoff at the end. Hopefully it will be one to remember, and the journey through the story will have been enjoyable, inspiring and fulfilling.

As a direct bonus to mastering this part of the process, you ensure success. For, if you’re a good author, people want to hear more of what you have to say.

Characters, roles and casting for your practice or business story

Here is an interesting take on this theme. Who are the characters in

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